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Rochelle’s love of painting pastoral images and animals stems from her personal belief that surrounding yourself with meaningful images can bring a sense of peace and inspiration into one’s own private space. When she is not painting, she is working on writing and illustrating children’s books. She is the author and illustrator of The Stone Wall Dragon, published by Down East Books sold through Rowman & Littlefield publishing group. She has illustrated two of the 'On My Own Series,’ Vincent Van Gogh, and Georgia O’Keefe, published by Carolrhoda Books. She has illustrated A Story at his Finger Tips, a book about Louis Braille published by Lerner Publishing. Her most recent book is Snow Flakes Falling. Her work has shown at Iron Bound Gallery Camden Maine, at Matolsky Art Center and Main Street Gallery Norway, Maine. She co-curated the "Woman Who Run with Wolves Show" for thirteen local woman artists. She was the featured artist for the "2019 Holiday Show" at Table Rock Arts Center, Bethel, Maine. More of her work can be seen and purchased at The Barn Collection in The Philbrook Place, 162 Main Street, Bethel. She is the owner of the Opulent Peasant where she designs and sells cards, prints, and original paintings soon to be available online.

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Looking through a camera slows down my world and lets me discover details. As a visual sherpa, I guide the viewer to things often looked at but not seen. Reality is not something we can fully grasp, but a process we engage in. Small things, ordinary things, temporary things are worthy of our attention. I take a photograph only once, but with each viewing it is recreated.

Only when we tarry do we touch the holy. - Rilke

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Art is the manna that feeds my soul.

In this whacky world, one needs a refuge. Through my painting, I seek to create a world more beautiful, whimsical, fanciful and colorful. It’s in this land that I live, and move, and have my being which I am glad to share with others some of whom might resonate with my vision or, at least, find it interesting.

Most importantly, painting is a deeply spiritual experience, allowing me access to God’s greatest gift, a higher state of consciousness which enables me to “see” brighter colors and rhythmic patterns morphing and flowing.

As I continue with my painting, I hope to better express that which I see with my inner vision as I dream into being a world of beauty and wonder.


Marian Laroche has been creating all her life and still has her first cross stitch sampler completed at age 8. Her interest in quilting grew later in life after her children had flown the coop and she had finished her advanced degree. While many quilters have a specific style or technique they use, Marian enjoys working in many different fabric styles and varies between traditional piecing, paper piecing and applique. She works on projects as small as coasters and as large as king-sized bed quilts. Sometimes the pattern speaks to her and sparks her into creating a quilt for that pattern; more often, it’s the colors and designs of the fabric that leads to her inspiration in showcasing it in the final design.

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Gary Polonski earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts where he studied under the late famed American Expressionist John Grillo.  Polonski had the good fortune to work under Grillo when he produced his famous “Circus” series which continues to impact Polonski’s style to this day. Gary is a self-described “Colorist” endeavoring to produce works that delight viewer’s senses through unique arrangements of color, texture and composition.  In 2008, Polonski and his family moved full-time to Newry, Maine where he completed the construction of his 700+ sq.ft. studio to focus his time on painting and enjoying the outdoors.


Sue Dunn moved to Maine 25 years ago from Arlington. Texas.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/Public Relations from Texas State University.  After moving to Maine, she discovered a passion for all things outdoors.  Being inspired by its beauty, she decided it was time to follow in her mother’s footsteps and try her hand at painting.  After dabbling with several mediums, she settled on acrylics (at least for the time being) and began painting what she loves–landscapes.


John Rosen

I can recall from a young age feeling a need to understand how all things work and fit together. What was missing in my early years, however, was a personal space where I could design and build visually striking things that serve a purpose. 

My first pre-career training was in machine design at Worcester Industrial Technical School. This led to a few jobs that required me to sit behind a desk, working on projects that were not of my own design.  I soon found myself frustrated; I needed a creative outlet.  As the universe would have it, I found myself laid-off and asking: What do I really want to do for work?  The answer was to take my personal interest in customizing motorcycles and automobiles and open my own body shop.  During those early years in the shop, I honed my skills with metal while restoring several classic automobiles and customizing Harley Davidson cycles.  Later, I moved to Maine and fulfilled my dream of having a studio to design and build original works with locally sourced wood and metal. 

Today, my passion lies in creating one-of-a-kind pieces from wood and other natural materials that are found in the woods of Maine.  I prefer to preserve the natural shape and texture of the wood, while making necessary adjustments to maintain the structural integrity of a finished piece. The goal is to always coax out and preserve the unique characteristics of the wood. Recently, I have begun adding epoxy to my pieces.  It’s an exciting material that adds strength and offers endless possibilities for the addition of color and visual interest. 

When I’m not in my studio, I spend time exploring the woods of Maine on foot.  This nourishes my creative and spiritual energy. Every season offers its own appeal in Maine.   

I hope you enjoy exploring my pieces as much as I do creating them. They are uniquely made and uniquely Maine.

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Will is happiest when learning, whether it’s reading a new book, trying a new recipe, meeting a new person, or visiting a new place. He is at his best when he is moving and outside, preferably among mountains and trees. This past year, he fulfilled a lifelong dream and moved to the mountains of Western Maine where in the past he has spent many vacation and weekend days biking, hiking and cross-country skiing. His paying job is as a grant writer for a national nonprofit that teaches entrepreneurship to high school students. His nonpaying job is working on a novel, several screenplays, a TV pilot, and a stage play—all currently in various stages of development. He has had a love for photography since he received his first camera at age 10. He especially likes capturing an image of something his eye caught in order to freeze a moment so it can be shared with others. Will grew up in Scituate, MA and studied the Great Books at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM. He has lived in seven states but is happy to now call Bethel, Maine his home, where he lives with his rescued—and now plump—cat. He has two remarkable adult sons.

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Brendan Leitch is a self taught artist, who has been drawing and painting since the age of 2. At 23, he is currently focused on his art, and writing, full time. His art style is never done evolving, but the works often center around fashion and the human form. His colored pencil drawings incorporate fabric textures, because he
likes every piece of art to be stylish, as well as raw and personal. His struggle with mental health has pushed him to create beauty out of ugliness, and to pursue his passion of art full time. He does art for his own inner peace, but also loves to create and spread beauty in any way possible.

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Quentin Stockwell is a theatrical lighting and scenic designer. His theater career started at Gould Academy, Deertrees Theater in Harrison, and at many venues in Portland, Maine. He was awarded a BFA in Lighting Design from Ithaca College and then went on to study at NYU. Quentin has designed lights and scenery throughout New England, mostly in the seacoast region of southern Maine and New Hampshire. While working as an electrician for various theaters, he started re-wiring practical lighting fixtures (chandeliers, sconces, floor and table lamps) to prepare them for the productions. That started his art form of re-purposing lights, antiques, and illumination devices. Quentin’s love of history, Victoriana, industrial equipment, early electronics, tinkering and mechanical time pieces, inspire him to create. Frequently using up-cycled components or reclaimed parts, his Light-Q Creations range from repairing interesting light fixtures to re-purposing antiques AS lighting fixtures, industrial lighting, found-object sculptures, and steampunk.


Elizabeth Oehlkers Wright grew up in Rhode Island and studied photography early on, before earning literary/writing degrees at Emerson College and University of Arkansas and going on to publish translations of German contemporary poetry. Although she has kept her photography largely private, a few have appeared on the covers of books published by Oberlin College Press and Marick Press. When taking pictures, Elizabeth concentrates on the inside and/or outside to within a few feet of her home, wherever she may be living, enjoying the inner silence of visual perception. New to Western Maine and recovering from major loss, she has immersed herself daily in photography while falling again for the beauty of the world. Positive response to exhibiting in Bethel several times in 2018 has encouraged her to continue sharing her work publicly.

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With an art and music portfolio of more than 40 years, Ken was drawing at as young an age as he can remember. He has always been fascinated by shapes, textures, light and shadow, and color of all things in nature. He believes that "As an artist, it is my responsibility—and privilege—to record through drawing and painting the magnificence and beauty that surrounds me."


Born in Eastport, Maine, Ken’s training, and experience included four years as an Illustrator in the U.S. Air Force. His work includes hand-painted lettering, artwork and pinstriping on hundreds of trucks, tractor trailers, and signs; portraits and landscapes, in pencil and oils; wall murals inside and out; and several gymnasium floors throughout the state of Maine. He has painted on just about any surface that will accept paint. His favorite mediums are graphite pencil on paper and oil on canvas.

Ken expresses art in myriad ways: he is a renowned musician and has toured throughout the United States and Eastern Canada. He has recorded over a dozen albums, many of which have received air play in several countries, and he—and his audience—have enjoyed many television and radio appearances. Committed to keeping Maine's rich music history alive, Ken is Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

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